Monday, July 16, 2012

Knife by Wick Ellerbe

Inspired, but not directly copied, by #18.K in Neumanns "SWORDS and BLADES of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION". 1750-1790. 8"x 1 1/4" blade of 01 steel, with a through tang peened over an iron washer, hand filed elk leg bone grip with a bone file cut butt cap. Iron guard, sterling silver ferrule with a hand engraved flower on four sides. All very lightly aged.

Center seam sheath of 6/7 oz vege-tan carving leather sewn with linen thread, and cuir boulli treated for hardness. Throat of 22 ga steel. Frog locket is one piece from 3/8" cold rolled bar, sawn, ground and filed to shape. The locket is pinned and silver brazed to the throat, the top plate is attached with  600° 95/5 cadmium solder and is slotted in a diamond opening to match the blade shape. Very lightly aged.

Copy and photos supplied by Wick Ellerbe.

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