Monday, July 23, 2012

Preserving the Heritage of the Kentucky Rifle

The Kentucky Rifle Foundation’s mission is to preserve the ‘Heritage of the Kentucky Rifle’ through research, public  educational seminars, museum assistance programs and books and CD’s. This history is multi-dimensional and was intimately involved with the trials and tribulations of this nation’s early settlers.

The Kentucky rifle is widely recognized today as a uniquely American work of art,  a form of applied art and a historical document that is highly prized by collectors. Two hundred years ago, however, the Kentucky Rifle was a tool of the ordinary freeman, a tool needed to provide food for the table, defend the family as well as defend the community and country. The Kentucky Rifle played a major role in the American Revolution, in many Indian conflicts, and in the War of 1812.

These CDs which are produced by the Kentucky Rifle Foundation are a wealth of photographs of original rifles. These CDs as well as the books produced by the KRF will be available at Dixon's and the CLA Show.

Volume I, Issue I, Over 200 High Quality black and white photos from the 1960's era. Reproduced in a digital format which provides superb resolution and the ability to zoom-in on details. There are more than 80 American gunsmiths from the 18th and 19th Century on this CD. For a listing go to the KRF Store.

Volume I, Issue II, Featuring the same rifles as in the 'Moravian Gun Making' book. Using the zoom-in capability of your computer these photos offer expanded detail viewing of specific areas of each gun. Great shots of each rifle, about nine for each. Left and right, full length lock, sideplate, left and right views of the buttstock  and underside entry pipe from underside views. Gunsmiths: Albrecht I, Albrecht II, Oerter, Oerter II, Dickert, John Graeff, Valentine Beck, William Antes, William Antes II

Volume I, Issue III, Over 190 high resolution digital photos of the finest Lehigh Valley rifles known.

Volume I, Issue IV, Featuring 20 of the very best Western Pennsylvania Gunsmith known. Over 270 high resolution color photographs. 2011 KRA President’s Display

Volume I, Issue V, Kentucky Rifle Foundation's Display of Shenandoah Valley Longrifles.  220 excellent photographs of the 22 rifles on display at the Luray Valley Museum. Photos taken by noted firearms photographer Kenneth Orr.

All CD’s are  $25  plus  $4  s&h when ordered individually.  However, when ordered with a book up to two [2] can fit in the book carton at no extra cost.  A savings of either $4 or $8.

Send Check or Money Order to:
PO Box 292274-JR 
Columbia,  SC  29229
[Pennsylvania residents please add 6% sales tax]

The Kentucky Rifle Foundation exists completely on private donations,  endowments,  fund raising events  and the revenue from sales of KRF educational books and CD’s. For more information on the foundation go to Kentucky Rifle Foundation.

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