Thursday, June 7, 2012

Powder Horn by Eric Van Alstine

 This horn is a rendition of an original horn owned by Jerry Rice. I was quite enamored by his horn oun your web site that I had to contact him. Jerry was kind enough to give me dementions and enough pictures and information to make my own version of this horn. Jerry indicated that before Jim Dressler passed that Jim had indicated that he believed the horn to be from the 1790's to very early 1800. There is nothing special about the horn other than the aged elegance of th neck carvings. this is a true backwoods style horn. The horn is quite large 15.5 inches around the curve and nearly 3 inches across the base. Nothing is like the original but I had a wonderful time researching and putting together my twist on this elegant aged horn. I hope you enjoy.

Copy and photos by Eric Van Alstine.

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