Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garters by Tom Condé

All 12 or 13" x 2" with 12" fringes.
From top to bottom:
#1. Body is logwood black giving it a bluish cast in sunlight, and the selvedge is madder dyed. Fine 2-ply Irish worsted with beads woven in. Pattern taken from a strap in a British Museum.
#2. Natural dyed green, indigo over a yellow, and logwood black selvedges. Again fine Irish worsted with a pattern of my own design woven in using glass beads.
#3. Commercially dyed black and woven from a fine 2-ply Swedish worsted yarn. Again with my own design woven in #8 beads.
#4. Madder red. Bead pattern of my own woven with the same Irish worsted.
Copy and photo supplied by Tom Condé.

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