Saturday, June 23, 2012

Southern Pouch and Banded Horn Set by Ken Scott and Ron Vail

This fine Southern pouch & horn set has a nice aged look. It is is one of those nice, plain early pouch sets that seems the more you look at it, the more character and charm it has. Banded Horn is hand carved to give the appearance of a turned horn of the period. Pouch is made out of rough out tanned cowhide and is hand sewn with waxed linen thread, Edge and top of flap has been hand pinked. Punched out design on flap add a home made look. Front of pouch bellows is sewn from three pieces of leather. Pouch is about 11" high and 10 1/2" wide. It has an inside pocket sewn to the back. Strap adjust with a brass buckle.

The handmade horn measures about 14 1/2" around the outside curve with a 2 3/4" diameter base.Horn has five hand filed rings around it to replicate a turned southern banded horn. the front strap ring is connected tot he horn with a copper band.Both stopper and base plug are hand carved.

Both Ron & Ken, have been recognized as top traditional craftsmen in America by Early American Life magazine.

Copy and photos supplied by Ken Scott.

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