Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 CLA Live Auction: A Traditional Native American Tobacco Pipe by James Blake and Chris Hays

James Blake and Chris Hays have teamed up to create an truly iconic Native American item for our auction, one that would have typically been crafted and used by Native Americans all along the frontier during the War of 1812 . Chris has carefully fashioned a pewter inlaid, red "Catlinite" pipe bowl, and to accompany it James made a traditional quill decorated and incise carved pipe stem.

This is an exceptionally fine set. A pipe and decorated stem of this caliber would have been a very significant personal possession back in the old days, just as it will be today. Fancy, well executed custom pieces like this, especially ones made by artists as well recognized Chris and James, can be very hard to find, but thanks to the joint efforts of this dedicated team, we are very happy to be able to include this fine Native American tobacco pipe in the 2012 CLA fundraising auction.

For more information about the auction or CLA membership please visit: Longrifle.
Photos by David Wright with copy by TC Albert.

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