Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friendship 2010

“We all owe a lot to Wallace and Eve. It is a lot of work to travel and display the collections, much less tirelessly answer our questions and teach us. For years now, Wallace has been traveling around to almost every longrifle related event within a long-day’s drive of Virginia, providing access to an educational opportunity greater than can be had in any museum, for students of the American longrifle. I personally appreciate it very much and I am sure most of the folks who frequent this board do too. I just hope I can retain a small amount of the information he so generously shares with each visit. He has given me the chance to see and learn about things with these rifles that cannot be learned by just by looking at photos, and count myself lucky to be fortunate enough to be able to spend time at their exhibits.”

Eve Otmar’s “student” in the photos is my oldest daughter Paige, 11. Friendship has become sort of a father-daughter one on one day for us.

Three Hand-Forged Guards by Marc Tornichio

The Tornichios

Mike Miller

Mike's work

Jim Chambers

Tom Snyder and Mark Silver

Mark Silver's Jaeger

Commercial Row

Firing Line

Copy and photos supplied by Guy Montfort.

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