Friday, June 18, 2010

HCH Summer Raffle at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair

The Honourable Company of Horner’s has assembled a spectacular pouch and horn set for its Summer Raffle. The drawing will be held at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair. The fair will be held in Kempton, PA on Friday July 23th, Saturday July 24th, and Sunday July 25, 2010. You DO NOT have to be present to win.

This assembled rig is an effort of the following HCH members:
  • Tim Crosby-Southern banded horn with applied pewter tip.
  • Jeff Bibb-Southern hunting pouch and horn strap.
  • Ian Pratt-Hand-made patch knife.
  • Jeff Bottiger-Duck head flat priming horn.
  • Larry Callahan-Hand-made ball mold. (.490 caliber, the mold can be exchanged free for any size)
  • Zach and Emily Callahan-Hand-made rifle multi-tool and quilled brain tan storage pouch.
  • Billy Griner-Southern 70 grain powder measure, pick and brush set.
Please go to the HCH site to download tickets for a chance to win.

Photo by Jeff Bibb

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