Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tim Connin Garters

These are a pair Great Lakes or Woodland garters done in the Oblique technique.

Photo supplied by Tim Connin.

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  1. These are fine garters Tim. After reading your old article on fingerweaving in Buckskinner VI, I have a couple of questions for you: Did you carry the beads on the same yarn that you wove the garters with or were they woven in on thread? If on thread, was the design made by carrying the beads on two carrying strands throughout that interlock when turning to begin a new diagonal in the design? I am making a sash now and using the same yarn for the beads, but not interlocking to turn for a new diagonal. Instead I am entering beads on the next appropriate diagonal,and counting threads within the diamond shape outlined by the beads so that they are all uniformly 6 x 6 strands in size. I see advantages to each approach. Your 4 bead intersections are slightly more geometric than in the way I am doing it. I am curious to know what your method is. Thanks!