Monday, April 6, 2009

Master Smiths

The Knifemakers Guild doesn't have a rating system for their members based on Master or Journeyman.  The organization that does is the American Bladesmith Society where they issue stamps for both Journeyman and Master Smiths.  In the Knifemakers Guild you are either an applicant/probationary or a voting member and they do not issue any stamps for either.  I am a member of the American Bladesmith Society  (ABS) and I have been a past member of the Knifemakers Guild.  In the ABS when someone reaches the level of Master or Journeyman Smith they are issued a stamp in script with the corresponding letters.  An ABS member would always put his makers mark on his blade along with the ABS stamp of MS or JS.

I was just writing to further shed some light on the knife on the Contemporary Blog that I said was by Max Soaper.  I knew someone would say the MS stamp stands for Master Smith. I've seen people question if Max's stamp stands for Master Smith, it's an honest mistake.  I just thought I'd pass along the info about the ratings of the two knife organizations.

Rich McDonald

(Max and Rich have been set up next to each other for several years at the CLA Show in Lexington.)

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