Friday, April 24, 2009

Mel Hankla Horn with Sandra Hankla Strap

Mel's powder horn was inspired by the personal horn of Hershel House. He made this horn during the winter of 1983/84 while working in the shop with Hershel building what is known as the "Grant Gun", during his apprenticeship funded by the National Endowments of the Arts thru a Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant. More information about this project can be found at: American Historic Services. The artistic concept for the horn follows the life journey of a Kentucky frontiersmen and his family, coming thru the Cumberland Gap, exploring the territory and fighting the battles, from Blue Licks, Tippecanoe, Detroit, to the Battle of the Thames.

The Cherokee style strap by his wife Sandra, is 52 inches long with brain tan deer hide attachments on each ends. It is woven with a warp face weave, diagonal designs of red, black, and white home spun wool, and decorated with silver ring brooches by Jan Zender.

Copy by Sandra Hankla. Photos by Jan Riser with additional photos supplied by Mel Hankla.

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