Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gary Birch Bear Bag with Antique Horn

The horn - about 11" on the outside curve, has a wonderful double-twist shape, the butt-plug is 2 & amp;1/2" and the shape is a two-step dome with a relief ring separating the two levels, it is made of a piece of burl walnut and held with 18 small walnut ? pins. These pins are separated from the main body of the horn by a carved (relief) rib which goes around the horn about 3/8" from the base. The center relief ribs or rings are three in number with the center being the highest, there are then eight relief ribs running length-wise (following the curve of the horn) out to the spout where there are again three relief rings with the center one being much higher and wider. the pouring part of the spout is about 3/8" long and tapers inward from the lip to the first ring.

I have always assumed this was a southern horn as I have not seen any New England horns with the relief work we see on the Carolina type horns.

This horn is scraped nice and thin so you can see the inside and has a lovely old patina. I've had it 25+ yrs.

Photos and copy by Walter Rutkowskikw.

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