Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Pointing Sword Horn by Horn Maker Kevin Hart

Titled:              The Pointing Sword Horn
Time period:    French & Indian War
Horn length:    Overall 16 inches
Throat:             5" inches stained dark brown with filed octagonal flats broken up by dual wedding  bands which then mates up with an attached turned Buffalo horn tip.  
Horn Stopper:  Turned Buffalo horn
Worn:               Right side
Body:               Stained medium yellow with a small amount of orange & brown highlight.  Then distressed to look old.
Inscriptions:     None except for my maker’s mark on back/bottom                   
Butt plug:         2" inch diameter lathe turned Pine plug pained black. 
Strap Finial:     Turned iron, then aged
Carvings:         British coat of arms
                        Vines & flowers
                        Parked Cannon with drum, flags, trumpet
                        Soldier (or perhaps a native warrior) pointing a sword with bow, arrow, spear, warrior club by his feet
                        Harbor with sailing ships
                        British warship
                        Township with clock tower and surrounding fort
                        Island fort with bridge to mainland and sailing vessels with Maker’s Mark

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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