Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jaeger Rifle by Brian LeMaster

.54 caliber, 36" swamped Getz barrel,
flintlock, highly figured maple, engraved brass furniture,
sterling silver and gold inlays

Contemporary gun maker Brian C. LeMaster has signed this highly decorated Jaeger flint rifle. Well made and neatly finished, we compliment Mr. LeMaster on his workmanship. 

Inspired by the Germanic rifles of the 18th century. This Jaeger rifle, which literally translates to “hunter," is as fine a specimen of this style that you are likely to find. Built around a 36" swamped barrel, the .56 caliber bore has been cut rifled with radius groove rifling by Getz Barrel Company. This rifle is stocked in highly figured curly maple with narrow bands of figure over the full length of the stock. The stock is decorated with both raised carving and sterling silver inlays. The custom made flintlock and brass furniture are hand engraved with a traditional hunting theme.

The 36" length .54 caliber cut rifled barrel is light weight, with excellent balance, due to the swamped octagon profile. The thick breech makes the barrel very strong, the narrow waist reduces the weight, and the muzzle flares slightly to align the sights. The seven groove barrel measures .560" land to groove with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The muzzle is engraved I BE BENJAMINaround the bore.

The wrist is fitted with a chiseled sterling silver inlay with a crown, shield, banners and drum. The lock panels gently taper widest at the rear in early long gun fashion. The flared tang breech of the barrel is framed with a raised and incised carved Fluer de Lys design. The breech end of the barrel is inlaid with 23 karat gold and a similar band is inlaid behind the muzzle. The breech is inlaid with a engraved Fluer de Lys design. 

The top flat of the barrel is inlaid with a sterling silver banner engraved by the builder Brian Clem LeMaster and dated 1992. The rear sight is dovetailed 9" ahead of the breech. The rear sight is sculpted with a long engraved finial and framed with a engraved border along the top flat of the barrel. The steel blade front sight is fitted with a brass face to provide a bright sight picture. The barrel is hand engraved around the front sight.

Copy and photos from Track of the Wolf.

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