Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Snaphaunce Musket built by Yancey von Yeast for Kenneth Gahagan

This piece was built to resemble a circa 1620 English snaphaunce musket for CLA Artisan Kenneth Gahagan.  Documentary evidence strongly supports that Myles Standish, the Military Captain of Plymouth colony, was armed with a mechanical lock musket. Most others were armed with matchlocks at that time.  Matchlocks disappeared quickly in the new world due to the impractical nature of the ignition system.  By the mid 1620's, letters are being sent to England, urging prospective colonists not to bring matchlocks.   

The barrel was made by Coleraine.  The lock was built by the maker, utilizing some Rifle Shoppe parts and many hand forged parts.  The stock is walnut and all mounts are hand forged iron.  It will be on display at the 2014 CLA show on the maker's table."

Copy and photos supplied by Yancey von Yeast.


  1. Yancey, Great job on this gun. You really captured the soul of this type of weapon. I like that you didn't overwork anything and acheived a great look that is very believable. Ken


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