Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lehigh Styled Rifle by Tom Curran

I built this Lehigh styled rifle for my daughter. It's .40 caliber, with a 38" Getz barrel. I used a Chambers Late English lock, which has been modified for a Philadelphia Jacob Kuntz-like appearance. The rifle is a melding of three of my favorite artists of the past, Rupp and Kuntz for the stock shape, but the carving is pure wild man Neihart. The nosecap is a total wrap-around, with the sheet metal lapping inside the barrel channel, and riveted. I think this is the hardest nosecap I ever made. The finish is a spirit varnish with Dragon's Blood resin in the mix.

Copy and photos supplied by Tom Curran.


  1. looking for a source for doing the Tiger Striping on stocks,Prefer a Vidio/Tutorial Any suggestions??

  2. Tom, very fine looking rifle. I really like how you handled the reduced proportions and retained the architecture. the photo looks like a 44 inch barreled Rupp. May I ask the LOP on this one?
    Great finish, even on all that nasty yellow metal

  3. Striping is all by nature. It's in the wood!

    LOP is 13 1/4". Not really that small.


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