Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jamestown Horn by "Wild Willy" Frankfort

Jamestown Horn ~ This is a late 17th century style flat "partitioned" horn.  It is about 13" long and has several panels.  The first panel is a map of the Roanok area with shipwreks, islands, and natives.  It is taken from one of the original Jamestown maps.  The next panel is of the compass rose of the map, and the last is a ship from the map.

The top band states, "The pictures of sundry things from the voyage made by Sir Walter Raleigh Knight 1585."

The reverse side offers three panels of the natives from that area.  A WERON (Warrior), A Cheiff Ladye, and A Cheiff Lorde. It is covered in geometrics and has one applied ring and spout.

Copy and photos from Powder Horns and Scrimshaw.

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