Monday, June 17, 2013

Austrian Style 17th Century Musket by Yancey von Yeast

"This 17th century musket, bandoleer, and powder flask were all hand made by CLA artisan, Yancey von Yeast.  The musket is representative of a musket that came to North America to Jamestowne or Plymouth colony.  It is in the Austrian style, circa 1610-1620.  Included is a soldier's bandoleer with twelve turned powder bottles, a leather bag, and a wooden primer.  The flask is typical of early trapezoid flasks of the late 16th and early 17th centuries.  It has a spring loaded cut off valve, using the spout as a powder measure.

Each of these items were hand made.  The only part of the musket not made by the artisan was the barrel.  The powder bottles on the bandoleer were all hand turned.  The flask has a wood body with iron banding, all formed from sheet.  The the spout was rolled around a mandrel and copper brazed as were the originals."

Copy and photos supplied by Yancey von Yeast.

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