Wednesday, April 3, 2013

English-Manton Double Flint Fowler by Allan Sandy

This is one my latest pieces built from an original Manton circa. 1790-1800 Barrels are of 20 ga. 30” long rust blued with gold and silver inlay,gold touch hole liners, barrels are from Ed Rayl Manton style flintlocks built by Bob Roller with gold lined pans and color cased and engraved Super nice curly English Walnut with silver wire inlay, checkered wrist with silver dots, chiseled thumb piece. Tapered Ebony ramrod, rust blued butt plate, trigger guard, trigger plate, entry thimble. Fully engraved and weight is 6 ¾ lb.

Photographed at the 2012 CLA Show by Jan Riser with copy by Allan Sandy.

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