Friday, April 5, 2013

Phillip Creamer

This pistol was made by frontier gunsmith Phillip Creamer. In 1805 Creamer moved from Maryland and set up his gun shop near Dupo Illinois, across the river from St Louis'.  In 1826 he moved over to   St Louis and was there until 1835. This pistol has an over all length of  18 1/2  inches. With a 13 inch  58  caliber smooth bore barrel. Iron ramrod rod, trigger guard, and horn nose cap. The only known Creamer with a belt hook.

Copy and photos supplied by a reader.

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  1. There was some stunning work going on west of the Appalachians in the first decade of the 1800s and this pistol is a great example. To me it is very advanced for its period and the workmanship at a level you see with the best London makers of the day. Creamer surely was a remarkable craftsman.

    For those interested in Creamer's work the CLA/CLF will have a fine reproduction of another Creamer pistol that belonged to Andrew Jackson, featured in this year's auction at the August 2013 show in Lexington.