Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cowan's Auction Items

Missouri River War Axe with hand-carved handle with knob at end and decorated with carved parallel lines which is further embellished by 26 brass tacks; lines enhanced with red pigment; forged blade with pierced bleeding heart; outside of eye stamped with alternating stars and dot pattern and framed by parallel lines; leading edge of blade further detailed with small hatch marks, length 17 in., length of blade 6.75 in. x width of blade 4.75 in., first half 19th century

Sioux Painted Parfleche Envelope with sinew-sewn closing flap and hide lashings, red wool along edges; painted in red, yellow, blue, and green; old tag inside parfleche reads Sioux, near White River, S. Dak.; length 17.5 in. x height 12.25 in., late 19th century

Copy and photos from Cowan's Auction.

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