Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Honourable Company of Horners 17th Annual Meeting

The 2013 Honourable Company of Horners 17th Annual Meting will be held March 1st and 2nd, 2013 at the U.S. Army Heritage Education Center in Carlisle, PA.

When you register, you automatically become eligible for the door prize!  All members are encouraged to wear colonial clothing both days which adds greatly to the event.  The schedule allows maximum flexibility both days to manage your own time. 

Eight stations will be manned by a Master Horner and Journeyman to demonstrate proven methods from the past.  Remember, raw horns will be available for sale along with expert selection advice based upon your horn project.  From there chose your station of choice to include scraping/shaping, carving, turning wood for base plugs, engraving, coloration, heating and pressing, and tools of the trade.  These interactive demonstrations will take place for both days and allows everyone to interface directly with the Masters / Journeymen and discuss issues of specific interest to you.  Bring your cameras, notebooks and plenty of questions.

Some of the activities for the weekend include:
Two special seminars will be given by Tom Ames concerning the history of symbolism and how it impacts the American engraved powder horn.  It is suggested that you attend both seminars, as the initial one forms the basis for the second presentation the following day.

The 1 of 1000 Powder Horn will be on display throughout the Annual Meeting and will be officially presented to the NMLRA representative.  Bob Wiegand is the Guild member who made this year’s horn which is an engraved Philadelphia Screw Tip with a band around the base and turned cherry base plug.  It will be worth the trip just to see Bob’s creation!

For all the die hard traditionalist, don’t forget Jeff Bibb’s announcement last fall challenging Guild members to make a powder horn or horn object using only the resources that would have been available to our ancestors 200 or more years ago.  A special table will be available to display the items and a separate judging will be held separate from the regular competition.

Ed McDilda, Fundraising Chairman, is implementing separate raffles, one for our Annual Meeting and the other for Dixon’s.  No waiting around five months to see if you win or not, you’ll know within a day or two if you’ve won.  Plus, the raffle items at the Annual Meeting will be horn related items (other than powder horns), and at Dixon’s the raffle items will be a powder horn and bag. 

More information about the meeting, activities, schedule and reservations can be found here.

Copy from the Honourable Company of Horners.

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