Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hunting Pouch by Daniel Bosques

The brown bag with the tree on it was fire poker-etched on both the main flap, and also on the inner natural-edged pocket. It reads "I Am the Vine, ye are the branches", John 15:5... Oddly, another gentleman and I made bags with the identical bible verse etched onto them at around the same time! I saw his bag on the site about 6 months after I made this bag and shipped it to a customer in Tennessee. A cool coincidence.

Just like my historical portrayals, I like to make items that either a Native, Backwoodsmen, or a person of the settlements would have likely had. My main joy is making hunting pouches and their necessary accoutrements, but that doesn't limit me to other things I enjoy making.

Copy and photos supplied by Daniel Bosques. Daniel is Historical Interpreter/F.C.F. Minuteman Chptr./6th CR


  1. I like it, Daniel. And you've just given me a good idea for a small detail in one of my historical novels. I'd never thought about a backwoodsman decorating his shot bag or other leather equipment by etching it with a fire poker. But what a nice piece of stage business to have going on during a scene.

    Great work. I love the verse.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Lori. It wasn't uncommon for a backwoodsman to personalize his bags using the hot-nail or poker etching technique; at times, branding irons that acted as hot stamps were used to adorn a shooter's bag. This is an artist's interpretation/rendition of what would have been available in it's day.