Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Original Flintlock Rifle

An original flintlock rifle, probably made in the western part of VA, possibly western NC. Maker is unknown. I got it from a man that purchased it in the 1970’s from a owner that lived in the Roanoke/Salem VA area. That’s all the background I have on the rifle.

The rifle appears to be all original and is stocked in American walnut. The hardware is iron. Everything functions properly and appears to be safe to shoot.

The patch box is four piece iron and is attached with #3 round head screws, these screws are also used on the toe plate/release. The release is activated via pressing the midsection of the toe plate.

The flintlock appears to be original to the rifle and is marked “W & JR Payson Philadelphia” It is an English style with a roller tipped frizzen spring. It is fastened in place using 2 lock bolts.

Barrel length is 41”, approximately .47 caliber and is a straight taper, .930" at breech, .743" at the muzzle , there is no evidence it has been cut. The front sight is brass barley corn style and the hind sight is very low profile iron. The ram rod appears to be original or a period replacement with a tapered iron tip.

The plain iron guard is 9.50 inches long and appears to have most likely an old musket guard that has been cut and re-used on this rifle.

Copy supplied by Dennis Glazener. Photography done by Mark Elliott Photography.

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