Monday, January 14, 2013

Finger woven Strap by Tom Condé

A strap for the 4th quarter of the 18th century and later.
Single chevron with oblique selvedges sewn on with yarn.
L. 45", W. 2", fringes 6" each end
Fine 2-ply worsted yarns and glass beads.

Single and multiple chevrons start to be mentioned and appear as early as the latter half of the 1750's. These combination pieces start to show up in collections as early as the 1770's. The chevron center as well as other patterns have been collected. With the warp-faced weave in the center and the oblique-woven strips with beads sewn to the edges, these items are great examples of two related but very different techniques being incorporated into one piece of work. This one is sewn using yarn rather than thread, making it more difficult to detect the sewing.

Copy and photo supplied by Tom Condé.

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  1. Interesting that you contend they begin to show in collections in the early 1770's. What collections would these be? I think you are about a decade off....