Monday, September 27, 2010

Ken Gahagan American Musket

In the tradition of the early 1690's French military muskets and trade guns: here is Ken Gahagans "Assembled American musket ca. 1715"

The barrel by Ed Rayl is .60 caliber smoothbore, 46" long, breech is 11/16". The Iron butt plate, trigger guard, pipes, side plate, trigger plate and trigger were all hand forged by Mr. Gahagan. The Rifle Shoppe lock/ castings from an antique ca.1680 was assembled by Jess and Mike Melot.

This is a very unique contemporary gun with a truly historical flavor. Ken's work whether it be furniture, guns or knives is always fantastic. One of our most formidable artists.

Copy and photographs by Robert Weil.


  1. Great gun, is it for sale or can you make another one of the same type for me if not? Thanks,

  2. Great gun. I'll bet it's long sold. If not, send me a mail,


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