Saturday, September 4, 2010

Artist and Displays at the CLA Show 2010

 Nick Mills Powder Horn

Butch Darrel gun from the Brad, Joseph, Michael and Nick Mills Collection

Butch made this brass and silver mounted smooth rifle for the "boys". The smooth rifle has a 33 inch half octagon to round light weight barrel and is stocked in curly maple. This rifle has spent many days in the woods and has been hunted with by all four of Joe's boys.

54 Caliber Smooth Rifle

Brad Mills Horn by Mel Hankla and Mike Small

54 Cal brass mounted walnut stock by Mike Mills

Clay Mills Collection

 Brad Mills collection

Mike Mills for Brad Mills

Randall Mills Pouch with Joe Mills horn for Brad Mills

Brandon Smith Rifle by Mike Mills

Jesse Brennan rifle

Joseph Mills Bag and Horn by Joe Mills

Michael Mills Horn

Jack Hubbard Gun from the Brad, Joseph, Michael and Nick Mills Collection

50 Caliber Smooth Rifle

This is typical Hubbard with an aged curly maple stock with hand forged steel mountings. The smooth rifle has a  30 1/2 inch barrel and is a true example of an early mountain style rifle. This rifle has been used by the boys for general shooting and hunting.

Photos by Ken Gahagan and Jan Riser.

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