Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introduction to Spinning Class by Renee Gillespie

Renee Gillespie will be teaching a Beginning Spinning Class in Charleston, SC , On Oct 29, 30 2010, at the studio of Mary May in Charleston, on John's Island. Renee, professional fiber spinner, will teach a 2 day class on the process of spinning with a drop spindle and also with a spinning wheel. This class is a part of a larger Traditional Arts School that will offer many classes in traditional wood carving, furniture making, Hand Caning, Using Hand Planes, Calligraphy, 18th century furniture carving, sculpting with clay. Mary May and a host of other professional artists will be teaching these classes from Sept, thru December.

Renee Gillespie has been Spinning Fibers since 2002. She is very proficient in Spinning Wool, Cotton, Flax, Alpaca. She enjoys growing Flax, Heirloom Cotton, and plants for the purpose of Spinning and dying. Renee regularly sets up at the SAFF show near Asheville , NC . She teaches art lessons at the Pickens County Museum in Pickens, SC. Renee has taught Spinning Classes to individuals, small groups and living historians at Kings Mountain National Military Park . Renee's Instructional DVD Series on Spinning has been well received and spinners are looking forward to the release of her flax spinning DVD. Renee and her husband David are Colonial Period Demonstrators, who perpetuate their craft all across the South and enjoy teaching the "old ways, and seeking the old paths." Jeremiah 6:16

In this introduction to spinning class you will learn:
- how fibers are prepared and then spun into yarn using a drop spindle and a spinning wheel
a bit of history of spinning
- how to identify spindle and wheel parts
- all about various fibers
- how to spin some yarn
- how to ply it
- how to make a skein and wind the yarn into a ball
A fun interactive class that will get you spinning but hopefully not leave you frazzled. Please bring a spinning wheel if you have one and any other fiber supplies you may like to use.

You can learn more about Renee at
Copy and photo supplied by Mary May Carving. Additional copy supplied by David Gillespie.

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