Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York Map Horn with Indian head Base Plug by Mike Hawkins

This New York map horn has a beautiful shape and is right hand carry with an ornate neck and spout carved of an Indian brave on th base plug. The approx. length is 14 1/2 inches along the outside curve and approx 2 5/8 inches across the base plug. The neck and spout are not dyed but are the natural color of the horn and have been carved in a traditional manner, starting with a flared spout that proceeds back to a bulbous tulip shape that is backed by 3 rings for strap attachment. The throat is octagonal to the shoulder that has been engraved with a scoop chisel. The spout has been tapered on the inside as has the walnut spout plug for a good custom fit. The base plug is walnut that is secured by 5 hand hewn pegs. it has been carved with a bust of an Indian brave wearing a Mohawk and is adorned with copper earrings and a copper gorget that has been inlaid and secured with 2 small hand wrought iron nails. This has been lightly distressed to compliment the rest of the horns aged appearance. The body of the horn has been worked smooth leaving a few light files and scrape marks that have been softened even further. The scrimshaw is of a map of old New York with the Mohawk and North Rivers with the forts, stations and farms of that time; this also includes Lakes Champlain, George, Ontario and Oneida. A professionally done Royal British Cypher with great detail and a beautiful rendering of New York City with her fort. A compass rose is located on the backside of the horn above the cypher and New York City. The horn was then given a beautifully warm patina with a good coat of "Dirt and Grime" to give it that "years of use" look.

Copy and photos by Mike Hawkins.

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