Friday, November 20, 2009

Jim Kibler

School: Not based on any historical longrifle school
Caliber: 54
Barrel Length: 44"
Barrel Make / Type: Rice Lancaster "C" weight barrel
Barrel Finish Method: Slightly rusted, rust then removed to leave a slight texture to the metal surface. Surface then darkened slightly to take the edge off the otherwise bright metal. A comercial product called "Historic House Parts Brass Darkening Solution" was used for this.
Lock Make / Type: Chambers Early Ketland
Lock Finish Method: Carburized and finished with the "Brass Darkening Solution" same as barrel
Stock Wood: Sugar Maple
Stain Type / Method: Iron Nitrate
Finish Type / Method: A little of everything! Some Permalyn, Minwax Antique Oil, Eric Kettenburgs Oil and I think maybe a little Tried and True oil. Some of finish darkened with pigment and dye to create variation in finish. Soot primarily used to darken finish.
Length of Pull: Approx. 13 5/8"
Drop at Heel: Not sure, but likely somewhere around 3"

Copy and photos supplied by Jim Kibler.

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