Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jeff Bibb Bag

This pouch is a copy of the original pouch discussed in the December issue of Muzzle Blasts Magazine by Wallace Gusler. He notes that this pouch is extremely similar to the mid. 1700's pouch that was previously shown in the Clash of Empires exhibit. It is fairly small at 7, 1/4" square with a flap that extends a little over half way down the front. Made from 4 - 5oz., veg. tan cowhide and dyed a dark black/brown color. Unique features of the pouch include the "welted" trim on the flap edge, two interior compartments, and a covered inside "backing" button to keep the wearer from snagging their hand on the button. The dual button strap adjustment on the back allows the wearer to adjust for thicker layers of clothing. The original pouch in the article has lost its strap, but it is speculated that the original was probably 3/4" to 1" wide. It is unknown if a horn was attached to the original strap as well.

Copy and photos by Jeff Bibb.

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