Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joe Mills Bag with Antique Horn

This is a bag that Joe had over cooked and put in the scrap pile. He didn't want to let me have it...but I persuaded him to take $50 bucks for it, if I remember correctly. I had a friend who has a leather shop and a barrel of neat's-foot oil that he soaked harness leather in. He suggested that I put the bag in it...and I actually forgot about it. About a year later he found it and called me...I hung in on the clothesline and it dripped for days... but now it's soft and pliable and one of my favorite bags. The original southern horn I bought from Jim Dresslar... loved the turned horn friction fit filler plug in the end. The knife of course is by Hershel as is the bone powder measure. He made it to go with his left handed rifle as well as a leather "calves-knee" lock protector that I also have. The pick and brush hanging on a hand made chain is by Bruce Horne.

Copy and photos by Mel Hankla.

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