Wednesday, July 29, 2009

English Fowling Piece by James Rogers

This is my interpretation of an early English fowling piece (minus the engraving, which I have yet to learn). It is newly made and finished on 7/24/09, just in time for Dixon's.

The wood is hard English walnut from Mike Brooks. The butt was pre-carved in English profile. The lock is a Chambers Colonial Virginia with brass lock plate, Chambers trigger guard (altered to an earlier design), butt plate and side plate. Stan Hollenbaugh made the grotesque front sight. The early baluster pipes came from Mike Lea and I fashioned the entry thimble with protruding thumbnail from one of them.

By the time the gun was finished, I wished I could have started over because I learned quite a bit between start and finish. Hopefully I have learned from the mistakes on this gun and I am already preparing for another. I have spent more time studying original English fowling pieces than I have spent in the shop on the gun. I believe this study helped me greatly in the execution of this gun even with my lack of building experience.

I had no real face to face instruction but I want to thank Jim Hash, Mike Brooks and Jon Raub for their advice and encouragement by phone and email.

Dixon's Gunmakers Fair 2009
1st place Fowler Class
2nd place Best of Class - Apprentice - Traditional
2nd place Apprentice - First Gun
3rd place Apprentice - Basic Conformation

Copy and photos by James Rogers. This is the first gun that James has made!

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