Monday, August 23, 2021

New Powder Horn and Restoration Work by Art DeCamp

Here are some pics of the North Georgia horn I made recently.  It was made after several examples I've seen and one in particular that was in my shop for some restoration work.  This particular horn has a two-piece antler tip that is pinned in place.

I sold this horn at the CLA Show this past weekend. 

Original Powder Horn

 Several horns apparently by the same "hand" that made the one I restored have been found, mostly with northern Georgia provenance.  Jay Hopkins feels these horns may be Moravian since they are similar to the banded horns with pinned antler and horn tips that are found in North Carolina near the Moravian colony there.  These are the ones that are called "Randolph County" horns these days.  Up to about the 1830's there was a Moravian Colony in North Georgia in the town of Spring Place which is just east of Dalton, Georgia in Murray County.  Thus there is some thought that these horns may have originated there.

The original was a bit of a wreck when it came to me for work.  It was heavily shellacked, but there was one band still with the horn that had decorative black paint on its edges.  The location of the pinned tip was quite obvious and one could easily see there were originally three additional bands on the horn when it was new.  The wood butt had nice turning that was well-defined and there was some evidence of decorative paint on it, too.  The first photo shows what I started with, and the next pictures shows the finished job.  I was careful not to try to "imagine" too much in executing the restoration and referenced several photos tips from horns from this shop before making the two-piece pinned antler replacement tip for this one.

Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.

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