Friday, August 6, 2021

2021 CLA Live Auction: Frontiersman’s Kit by William Schneider


William Schneider’s “Frontiersman’s Kit”, which is copied from an artifact formerly in the collection of the Fort Pitt Museum, is a distinctive representative of frontier history. Schneider explains that “it was removed from exhibition when the fort management changed directions. Later it was found to have actually been a homespun shoulder holster for a Colt Patterson. It has since been re-homed and appropriately marked.”  

            Schneider’s unique version of reproduction leatherwork is made from an alum- and bark- tanned deer hide that has a Neatsfoot oil finish. “This was done,” says Schneider, “to try and replicate the look of the leather.”  The ax and knife, from Schneider’s collection, fit snugly in the bag for your next trip afield. The ax, made by Israel Rollinson, has a wrought iron head with a steel cutting bit. The knife, made by Ken Hamilton, has a period box wood handle.

For more information, contact the artist directly:


Photography by David Wright

Text by Joshua Shepherd

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