Saturday, August 7, 2021

2021 CLA Live Auction: Primitive Smoking Pipe by Alan Hoeweler


A Handmade pipe of the style that an 18th century poor man or farmer would have made for himself.  Alan calls this a Pioneer Smoking Pipe. He made it from the crotch of a limb of a Cherry Tree on his daughter’s farm, which sits on the northern boundary of the original Virginia Survey Line, after the Revolution.

He cut the ends, bored the tobacco hole with a brace and bit, then finished it off with my neck knife.   The stem is a simple reed from the pond also on my daughters’ farm.

The pipe was created at a weekend in Woodbury, KY with Alan’s friend, Hershel (House).  Per Alan, “It draws good and will bring someone many hours of pleasure”

 Photos by Alan Hoeweler

Write-up by Alan Hoeweler

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