Wednesday, May 20, 2020


This cup measures 7" x 4 - 1/2" in the widest spot. The cup has two integral handles carved in the fashion of a windsor chair. The bottom of the cup is carved with the name "John West" and shows a soldier with a tricorn hat, musket, and sword, crossing his sword with the tomahawk of a Native American Chief with a head dress, loin cloth, bow, and he appears to be wearing a peace medal. Around them are vined Pennsylvania German folk art style flowers on a vine, and below is a heart and other foliate vines. Theres chip carving around the entire perimeter, as well as the inscription "I LEND ME CUP: 1758: BEFORE ME WIFE". There is an old piece of fabric on the handle of the cup. The year 1758 is when the Treaty of Easton was signed in Easton, Pennsylvania. This is a very well carved and identified piece with a desirable date and excellent depiction of a Native American and a Colonist. 

CONDITION: Excellent, showing no cracks or damage, only some wear and minor storage marks. Area near handles has a nice original dark patina with edges slightly lighter due to wear. Carved designs are all excellent and much of ink or dark paint used in the designs remains. A great piece of Pennsylvania folk art.

Minimum Bid: $2,000.00

Current Bid: None

Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000

May 27, 2020 Founders & Patriots Auction

Absentee Portion Of This Auction Is Open For Bidding

Copy and photos from Morphy Auctions here.

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