Monday, March 23, 2020

Ron Scott Jaeger Rifle

This Jaeger Rifle combines materials from several sources. I cut the stock blank from an English Walnut tree in 1995 and have moved it a few times before starting work.  The Damascus barrel was purchased from Peter Dyson and finished by Bob Hoyt.  Jack Brooks made the molds and subsequent castings for the lock from an original that I loaned him.  Sterling silver mounts were cast using waxes that I made from an original Carlsbad Jaeger. 

I modified the barrel by replacing the breech plug with an elaborate version based on a Stockmar Fowler. The rear portion of the barrel was rounded, transitioned to octagon, then sixteen flats, and finally round.  A gold signature and deep-relief engraving was applied to the breech and associated round section.  The lock was assembled , tuned, and the engraving was recut.

The relief carving on the stock is based on an unsigned original Jaeger from the Tom Lewis collection.  All pieces of the silver mount group were  filed, recut and polished.  The Damascus barrel was etched for about six hours with hourly washing and carding.  The stock was finished with McWilliams Alkanet Refinishing Oil.  The resulting reddish color and satin sheen were exactly what I had desired.

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Scott.

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