Monday, March 30, 2020

Austin Hackworth Rifle

It is marked "AH" on the barrel top, as well as on the cheek inlay and on the stock just below the left comb. It is attributed to Austin Hackworth of Marion County, Tennessee.  There were two Austin Hackworths, father and son.  The senior Austin Hackworth was born in 1746 and served in the Bedford County militia during the Revolution.  Following the War, he moved his family to Greene County, Tennessee.  According to Jerry Noble, Austin Hackworth Sr. worked near the Beans in East Tennessee until 1817 when he moved to what is now Marion County, Tennessee. Marion County is now the NW part of metro Chattanooga.  This rifle was likely made by the son, since the senior Hackworth would have been very elderly (if he was even alive) at the time this rifle was made.

The rifle is 62 1/2" overall; the swamped barrel is 45" long, .42 caliber.

Since his initials appear three times on the rifle, I believe this was the younger Austin Hackworth's personal rifle.  

Copy by Wayne Elliott with photography by Mark Elliott.

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