Friday, October 27, 2017

Rifle Made in the Colonial Williamsburg Gunsmith Shop by Wallace Gusler

This rifle was entirely hand made in 1970 in the Colonial Williamsburg Gunsmith shop by Wallace Gusler, using strictly 18th century tools and technology.  It was commissioned following the release of the film "Gunsmith of Williamsburg", and was the first commissioned gun built in the shop and sold on order.  It's listed in the shop's book as being "made like the movie gun", which still resides on the wall of the CW Gunsmith shop.  Stocked in hard maple, Mr. Gusler blended several decorative features from colonial Virginia rifles, and included a masterful blend of his own creative ideas as well.  Today, the Gunsmith shop is still building rifles and pistols on custom order using the same 18th century tools and techniques.  Three Gunsmiths currently work in the shop, Journeyman Richard Sullivan, and Apprentices Eric von Aschwege and Darrin McDonal.  For more information on the shop, please visit

Copy of Virginia Rifle
Made by
Wallace Gusler, Williamsburg, VA
Barrel Length
41 1/8"

Purchased from
Wallace Gusler
Private or Company
1970 - Gusler made 3 completely handmade guns (in this era).  One is Williamsburg collection, one is very gaudy, and the third is this one - it's done just like a 1770's KY Rifle in VA style.
#292 in NRA Private / BB = $15,000

This Gusler rifle is for sale: Contact Jim Chambers 828.667.8361

Copy by Eric von Aschwege with photos by Jim Chambers.


  1. I can not find any information on Wallace Gusler on line. Is this man still living?

  2. I think so. He's mentioned on the colonial williamsburg website here. He should be in his 80's.