Friday, July 28, 2017

Powder Horn by Clinton Byers

Mary Bohlen’s ancestors arrived in the Carolina’s sometime in the early 1760’s. I can only imagine they found the southern frontier a virtual Garden of Eden. That thought became the guiding theme as I created this horn for Mary. The architecture of the horn is based on an original I have in my collection and inspiration for the “Garden” came from the “Mauries Robeson Esqr.” horn owned by the late Glenn Sutt. Glenn brought the horn to the 2014 HCH meeting in Carlisle, PA and was kind enough to let me photograph it. I would like offer a special thank you to Tom Ames for all of his guidance with symbolism. As with so much do, many hands were here. Deo Juvante.

Copy and photos supplied by Clinton Byers.

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