Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 CLF Auction Item: Hunting Pouch by Steve Lasely

The Pennsylvania style hunting bag can be more complex than the styles encountered on the frontier in the Southern Highlands.  Eastern Pennsylvania was more settled and specialized craftsman such as cordwainers, bookmakers and tanners were available.  An active commerce in trade and cash existed east of Fort Cumberland in the mid 18th century.  Although homemade bags were in common use, bags with linings and a bit more style are often encountered,  This Pennsylvania Dutch influenced bag created by Steve Lasely is an example of these.

In Steve’s own words,

“What inspired me to create the Pennsylvania Dutch style hunting pouch? Well I really enjoy making these old pouches, the Pennsylvania Dutch style pouch is one of my favorites and a challenge to make. Also I enjoy studying the history and arts of the early German settlers from the early 1700's

This particular pouch is made with aged vegetable tan cow hide and all hand sewn with linen thread. It is lined with a cotton canvas  lining. Also has an adjustable leather shoulder strap with a hand forged buckle. The flap is etched with a Pennsylvania Dutch poker etched tulip and heart motif that adds character to the pouch.

I wanted to donate to the CLA because it is a really great organization of great folks that share in the love of the arts and crafts of this great sport and hobby we all enjoy.  And I wanted to do my part in helping  to keep this organization growing.”

Steve Lasley’s contact info is

Copy by Steve Lasley
Photo 1 by Ric Lambert
Phot0s 2 through 6 by H Ahlers

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