Monday, February 23, 2015

The Success To Freedom Horn by Kevin Hart

Time Period: Revolutionary War 1776
Worn: Left side
Horn Length: 13 inches
Throat: 5  inches in length/Octagonal from engrailing to tip with single wedding band
Base Plug: 2 inches lathe turned Walnut
Horn Peg: 1 inches lathe turned black Buffalo horn
Strap Finial: Walnut
Main Body: Stained medium yellow
Inscriptions: “His Horn”/Jan. ye 23rd, 1776/Success To Freedom/Liberty or Death/area provider for owner’s name “A Godly Man and his rifle/Deprive sleep from the wicked/A Christian man who preys/Is the defeater of evil/A preying man who will fight/Is the conqueror of Nations/And the hope of the oppressed”/
Carvings: Vines & flowers/Lady bugs/Butterflies/Humming birds/Smoking spotted frog wearing overalls/Heart cartouche with profile of Geo. Washington/framed by Lion & Unicorn/Topped by Female winged Lion representing America/5 marching soldiers following Geo. Washington on horse/13 stars for the colonies/Maker’s Mark

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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