Monday, February 2, 2015

John Armstrong Style Fowler .45 cal. Kentucky Rifle by Art DeCamp

This rifle made by Art DeCamp, is a close replica of the original John Armstrong fowler shown in the book The Kentucky Rifle by Merrill Lindsay in Chapter 10 and was originally commissioned by the late Tucker Morris in the year 2004. A tracing of an original Armstrong rifle was used to produce the profile of the stock.

The rifle has a 40" long light weight swamped Getz barrel rifled in .45 caliber, with overall length of 56-5/8". The lock plate is hand made to the Armstrong pattern with small Siler internals. The nicely figured stock has hand formed brass barrel keys, brass thimbles and nosecap, along with brass butt plate with steel insert in the point of the heel. There is relief carving at comb,wrist, barrel tang and rear entry pipe along with fore stock molding. The side plate, trigger guard, butt plate and rear entry pipe are engraved.

 Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.


  1. Great rifle. The Armstrong rifles require a masters skill set and this showcases Art's nicely. It is amazing how many different items of the longrifle culture he makes well.

  2. I have had the Original Fowler for the last year., the rifle is very elegant and slender., John Armstrong was a true Master Gunmaker.,