Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Best of Show" at Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair 2014 by Eric von Aschwege

This pistol is my interpretation of what a Herman Rupp pistol might have looked like.  It is a blend of the features found on the Herman Rupp rifles as well as Jacob Kuntz's work earlier work.  Architecturally, the lines and overall size of the piece mirror those produced by Kuntz, which often have a two-piece sideplate and a rich deep red violin varnish.  The tang carving is again a blend of the two artists, while the lock moldings, sideplate, and triggerguard follow Rupp's lines more closely.  Stocked in a plain piece of hard maple, the pistol features an 8" .45 caliber rifled barrel and cosmetically altered small Siler lock.  Stained with a mild solution of aquafortis for a light amber base tone, I used a combination of madder and red earth pigments in the finish in an attempt to make the pistol appear as a "well cared for" original.  All furniture except the triggerguard was hand made.  An exact plan of this pistol is available through my website.  The pistol earned Best of Show at Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair 2014.

Copy and photos supplied by Eric von Aschwege.

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  1. Impeccable workmanship and design. The little incised carving ahead of the triggerguard is a nice, whimsical touch. I particularly like the finish on this pistol, both on the wood and the metalwork. Well done!