Sunday, February 9, 2014

Musket-Bore American Flintlock "Trade" Pistol, ca. 1820

In overall very good untouched original flintlock condition. The round, 8 3/4", smoothbore, 74 caliber, band-fastened, unmarked, American-made?, recycled, musket barrel with a smooth gunmetal/brown age patina and a fine touch-hole. Molded and somewhat coarsely carved American walnut fullstock of typical “Trade” design, having a slightly bulbous and heavy, "cane-handle" type grip with simple raised carvings around lock and sideplate mortises. Sheet brass & iron furniture: a rounded finial trigger-guard, an “English Service-type” flat "S" shaped sideplate and a recycled Musket barrel-band with brazed seam and vestige of a removed sling-swivel-stud. The unmarked, flat "American lock with its original gooseneck hammer, bridled powder pan and a matching arrowhead-finial frizzen spring: in mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring. In overall very good untouched original flintlock condition. The barrel with smooth deeply toned surfaces and some light patches of discoloration and oxidation. The lock with a smooth patina, en suite. Very good stock with sharp contours, 85%+ finish, some minor handling marks and expected light abrasions. The hardware with a nicely toned and untouched age patina. A classic example of an American Made flintlock “Trade” Pistol, ca. 1820. The type of “Backwoods” made Pistol sold to American Indians and Frontiersmen. Original wooden ramrod. Overall length 15".

Copy and photos from Ambrose Antiques.

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