Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Contemporary Makers Portraits: Ron Brimer

Ron Brimer graduated from the Atlanta School of Art in 1966.  He was Art Director at Georgia Public TV for 25 years mainly as an illustrator and creating TV ads. He was Director of Exibits for the Department of Natural Resourses for 3 years. Ron started building bolt action Rifles about 1970's. He met Hall Sharon, the Montana barrel maker, about 1972. Ron put together Hawken kits for him in this area. Also, Sly Howard showed him how to do a lot. He met Robert Watts about that time which is what got him started.  Hill Pearce was helpful in his development. In 1980 Ron met David Wright and invited himself to Manskers Station. David asked Ron did the rest of the guys looked as good as him? (Sam Wood and Andy Lydick) They started going 3 times a year building the fort. Ron has built 50 long rifles. At one time he made custom knives, shooting bags, and powder measures.  Ron was also in Ogelthorps Hilander's at Fort King George. Ron mentioned that he looked good in a kilt. He has made a couple of Tomahawks, but doesn't have a place to forge. He has also helped John Corn with Cowboy stuff.

This painting is on that was found on the internet, but it could be Ron. Ron's response was "Actually its me...   I did have Great  something, I think a G G G  grand father that fought at Kings Mt., he  lived in North Carolina.  He was in the Cherokee war also . He was under John Seviers Avenging Hoard. His name was William S. Brimer born Jan 2, 1759. Made $46.00 a year in the N.C  Milita."

More images of this rifle can be found here.

Hunting Pouch by Ron

Leggings can be found here.

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