Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rifle and Hunting Pouch Carried by David Cooke

Rare Rifle and Accessory Collection Carried by Frontiersman David Cooke

Rifle in this ensemble has 42" full oct unmarked .45 Cal rifled bbl. Curly maple stock is very basic in design and not embellished with sideplate, inlays or unnecessary decorations. Obviously a rifle made for one purpose, to use in the hunt. Rifle has a sheath buttplate with tang inlet into top of comb and a profile typical of rifles made in northwestern Lehigh County area. Rifle has a wooden patchbox whose lid appears to be orig to gun. Orig flintlock is simply marked "WARRANTED". The exciting part of this collection is the rifle is accompanied by a large display board on which there is a rich harvest from the past and a perfect comment on our hunting heritage. Everything on the board came with rifle and was carried by frontiersman David Cooke. Most of what you would expect is there; horn, priming horn, powder measure, bullet board, mold, bullet pouch, and even the lock cover. Knives are normal, too. But there is more: Salt horn, spoon, game calls, dog bell, compass, spectacles. All of the things displayed on the board were carried by David Cooke in his hunting pouch, also included in the display. This entire assembly was purchased directly from the family of David Cooke by collector Bernard Roob. David Cooke is located in the tax records of Norristown, PA from 1780-1842 at which time he died. He must have been a hunter with no other occupation since none is listed for him. Cooke hunted for a living and either sold or traded the game he shot. His rifle and the entire contents of his hunting pouch were kept intact by his family for several generations until the last of his clan, a great granddaughter, sold it to Mr. Roob. This display was featured in the Kentucky Rifle Association Bulletin in the summer of 1976 and also was featured in The American Hunter magazine in December of 1975 

PROVENANCE: Frank Sujansky Collection. 

CONDITION: Small wood repair between front of lock and trigger guard. Spring catch for wooden patchbox door is missing. Very small shrinkage crack at toe of butt. Lock is orig flint. 4-49445 RG54 (8,000-12,000)

Copy and images from James Julia.

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