Sunday, September 1, 2013

Needlework Sampler

Needlework Sampler, "MARTHA BRADLEY BORN JANUARY THE 31 IN Ye YEAR 1774 AGD TWELVE YEARS," Dracut, Massachusetts, 1786, worked in silk threads on a linen ground, with rows of alphabets over signature lines, surrounded by solid-stitched floral borders on three sides and lower geometric border, (background linen toned), 13 x 10 1/2 in., unframed. 

Note: Martha Bradley was the daughter of Amos and Elesebeth Bradley of Dracut, Massachusetts. 

Sold for: $7,110
Copy and photo from Skinner Auction.


  1. Neat!!! I found 2 of these in a old barn in a pile of rubble one time. One was dated 1779. The maker thanked her Mother and Father "for teaching her the skills the vulgar never knew" I sold it for $800.00 and paid 2 months rent for my son in law and daughter. The other was undated and I sold it for $400.00 and they paid for 1 months rent. The rent money went to the man who had thrown them into the piles in the barn. "pearls before swine"

  2. My conscience should have bothered me for stealing but sadly to say, It didn't.