Sunday, March 3, 2013

Antique Shotgun

20 bore, 26” barrels, beautifully figured wood, engraved steel mounts, sling attachments as is common on Euro shotguns, Locks marked “A Chateauroux” for a location in France and the other plate reads “….SSE ARQBsr Du/Roi”, which appears to be most likely Valasse, Arquebusier of the king as that is the only gunmaker from mid 19th century Chateauroux with “sse” at the end of his name. There is a wrist repair that is well done, smooth to the stock’s surface and hardly noticeable amongst the figure of the wood to be able to get a photo, The barrels may have possibly been shortened an inch or so.  Barrels marked with 1810 Liege stamp. Both hammers will half cock, cock and release. Sold as a collectable only. 

Copy and photos by James Rogers.

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